Box Framing

Box framing is a technique used to space the mounted artwork or item away from the glass by using slips/fillets that create the required space between the framed item and the glass above.

Riverbourne Framing make box frames to suit customers’ requirements for both aesthetic and practical reasons. All of our shirt frames (football, rugby and cycling shirts for example) are produced using a box frame approach, this is for practical reasons as it is important to create a space between the shirt face and the underside of the frame glass.

All shirts are stretched over a bespoke hand-made template and then mounted onto a selected and agreed colour base board therefore there is a thickness created by the mounted shirt that requires the box frame approach. The box frame style is also very aesthetically pleasing when used in conjunction with certain types of artwork and can be used to obtain a shadow effect within the frame.

Riverbourne Framing have made extra deep bespoke box frames to display items such as a child’s first pair of shoes, signed boxing gloves, tennis racquet and various miscellaneous items that have a considerable three dimensional form. It is also important to consider that signed items such as shirts (including the signatures thereon) may suffer from fading, to help mitigate against such problems U.V. anti-fade glass will be recommended.

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